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* News below is for internationally available products only.
SUPER COMBO with Data Erasure Software, Perfect Easy Eraser 7 for both reuse and disposal is released (Apr 2019)
Orient is the only company in the world who develop both software and hardware for data erasure purpose.
SUPER COMBO has been released with SSD physical destruction (Nov 2018)
NEWCOMBO-LV was intrduced to do both degausising, physical destruction and log collection management.(Apr 2016)
Orient Computer released Perfect Easy Eraser 7 followed by successful testing by a governmental laboratory. It is our own method of SSD erasure, called SSDSpecial method in addition to the Secure Erase method. (May 2015
Orient Computer Released Secure 7 Secure 7 contains Secure 7 and Protect Data + Black Hole X (May, 2015)
Secure Seven Mac softwrae is releases Secure 7 Mac & Win Secure 7 Mac software is added to Secure 7 series (Feb, 2015)
Orient Computer Releases Secure 7 Pro Secure USB Flash Drive with Hardware-based Encryption. (October 29, 2014)
Upto 60 x HDD/SSD Erasure Machine has been released (Sept 2014). Hot swap feature added! This is for large data erasure company for reuse of HDD/SSD.
14,000 Oe of new HC3800SP has been succesfully tested by JEMIC, a government related laboratory.
New degausser, crusher, HC3800S and Combo with a bar code reader was released.
E-SEAL has been introduced to prove degaussing.
Perfect Easy Eraser 5 with many new features has been released.
Various new products including Black Hole X4, Credit Card Protector, upgraded Breaks-5, HC-2000SX, HC3800SP, New Combo, Skim Shield, Breaks Easy 2 are already released in 2014.
About Perpedicular High Density Recording:
We added information about the high density perpendicular recording high method.

Multiple HDD/SSD erasure machine Up to 60 x HDD/SSD erasure machine
Super Combo
HC7800SPL-SUPER Degausser
HC3800SP Hard Drive Degausser
HC2400SP Degausser

HDD Physical Breaker
Finger 7 and 8 Series
Finger 7 and 8 Series
Skim Block - Skimming Protection

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