Protect your personal data in RFID cards from skimming attacks
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FIPS201 ApprovedThe Skim Block technology can either block or pass microwaves, X-ray, and electromagnetic waves (radio waves) by its use of the same glass protecting technology used for microwave ovens. With this feature, the Skim Block technology has a wide range of applications. For example, Skim Block can protect information on contactless IC chips (RFID chip) used in credit cards from skimming. It can also protect the human body from being affected by electromagnetic waves from mobile phones. Applications of Skim Block are everywhere! This is our original technology, made in Japan.

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Prevent 99% or more of all skimming attacks!

Skim Block technology protects contactless IC cards from skimming, blocks electromagnetic waves (radio waves) from mobile phones, and blocks X-rays. There are countless ways to use Skim Block! For example, products which use Skim Block, such as purses and card holders, protect contactless IC card information from skimming as long as more than two-thirds of the surface of the card is covered by the Skim Block material. You can also create wallpaper and curtains with Skim Block to use in a computer lab, hospital room, or shield room at low cost!!

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Mobile Phone Block Transit Block
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Application Purse,Card Holder Bag Jacket,Apron

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